Ten Best Natural Hair Colour Brands You Can Trust For Safe Coloring Experience

We all love coloring our hair with a natural hair color. Isn’t it? The vivid shades of burgundy, brown, copper, mahogany or black not only add a fresh style statement to your fashion quotient but also give you a ravishing, gorgeous makeover. In fact if chosen wisely as per your skin color, then hair colors are capable of changing you into a fashionista making your friends envy you to the core. But unfortunately, while gearing up for a fresh new look, with a fresh new color, we often tend to forget that most of the hair colors are loaded with high dosage of chemicals. These either deteriorate the hair quality or may cause heavy damage to eyes and skin in the long run. So the search remains for the best natural hair color that is chemical-free yet completely trustworthy and effective in its results.Before we enlist the list of natural hair colors or organic hair colors, it is important to know that the chemicals that are harmful for you and your skin. The most dangerous chemical that is often found in hair dyes is PPD (Paraphenylene Diamine). Apart from this harmful chemical, there are other toxic, heavy metals like Barium, Hydrogen Peroxide etc. as well as Ammonia that may cause damages in the long run.

So when you are in the lookout for natural hair dyes, here is a list of safe, organic hair colors as per our research.

Beware of Getting Cheated

Well, several hair colors make you fall prey to their chemicals by claiming themselves to be natural. However ad campaigns and self proclamations do not give a clean chit to products, the reason being they often cheat you with the term natural. For example, when you find L’Oreal Natural Match, it does not mean that it is completely natural in constitution, but here the word ‘Natural’ refers to the original hair colour. In the same way Garnier Herbashine also has no Ammonia and has the presence of bamboo but undoubtedly it has high levels of Hydrogen Peroxide and a strong chemical fragrance. Once again Clairol Natural Instincts is Ammonia free but is filled with other toxic chemicals including Hydrogen Peroxide and parabens. Therefore next time you go to buy a hair color, be careful of making the correct choice, since most of them are misinterpreting.With our indepth research and analytical studies we have enlisted the best organic hair colors that are truly natural without any sort of chemicals. They may be less popular but in terms of quality they still lie to be the best choices for natural permanent hair dyes. That’s the reason most of them are dermatologist approved.

1. Indus Valley Organically Natural Gel Hair Colour

Indus Valley Hair Color

Indus Valley Gel Hair Color

Have you ever come across a revolutionary Gel Hair Color that too completely organic in nature? If not then let us introduce you to the same. After our in-depth research, we have discovered a unique and exclusive Gel Hair Color that unlike other hair colors is absolutely gentle in texture. In fact we have heard honest opinions about its users from many who have enjoyed the color while application. Indus Valley Gel Hair Color, is a 21st Century Revolutionary Gel Hair Color.
In a nutshell, this is a completely herbal hair color that enriches the scalp and improves hair quality along with great coloration. Moreover if you are a sufferer from allergies caused due to hair colors, then definitely you should switch over to this natural and extra-safe hair dye. Recommended by doctors and certified by several global bodies like Certified Halal, Bio Natural etc. this hair color is a must in your hair care wardrobe to fight the hair problems and take care of your hair naturally.

2. Sanotint Natural Hair Color

best hair color

Sanotint is once again one of the top choices for natural hair dyes or a natural hair color. This hair dye contains vegetable extracts and gives you the choice of coloring your hair as you wish with the 30 vibrant shades available. With its golden millet extract and strong silica presence, this natural hair dye is PPD free and offers your hair a great protection as well as color.

3. Indus Valley 100% Botanical 100% Organic Hair Colour

We have curated indeed the best range of hair colors for you which are safe as well as skin-friendly to the core. This is another excellent organic hair dye that is filled with natural ingredients like Rubia, Cardifolia, Amla, Henna, Indigo etc. Without the trace of any sort of chemical presences, this organic hair dye, 100% Botanical 100% Organic Hair Colour is great for people allergic to hair colors, due to its hypoallergenic features, and can be used for pregnant as well as lactating mothers. Such a unique revolutionary product has to its credits global certifications like USDA Organic, ECOCERT, Indian Organic and Halal as well as recommended by doctors.

4. Tints of Nature Hair Colour

Tints of Nature

Tints of Nature

In case you are in search of a natural and health-friendly hair colour, Tints Of Nature can be the perfect choice for you. This Vegan hair dye has never been tested on animals. It contains almost 75% certified organic ingredients and with a unique Salon Formula, it is non damaging and gluten free. This is also an amazing product.

5. 24 Herbs Natural Hair Color

Have you ever thought of a hair colour that would not only give your hair great color but also gives your precious curls the goodness of several herbs? This 24 Herbs Natural Hair Colour is enriched with the best herbs for haircare that takes care of your hair, nourishes it right from the deepest roots and definitely gives you a promising coloring impact. Nonetheless, this hair color is USDA and ECOCERT approved. It has been considered as hypoallergenic in nature and absolutely organic hair colour.

6. Light Mountain Hair Color

Ammonia or any sort of chemicals whatsoever.This safe natural hair color is made in USA and is a great safe alternative to cover your grays as compared to other popularly commercial hair dyes.

7. Natur Vital Permanent Hair Colour

natural hair dye

Natur Vital

This hair color is a home friendly kit hair dye that helps to give you excellent grey hair coverage without the presence of any sort of harsh chemicals. This natural hair dye is free from PPD and is herbal in nature. It also gives you a great coloration without any kind of further allergies. It is essentially free from dangerous chemicals like Parabens, Ammonia, Resorcinol and this is a perfectly coloursafe hair dye.

8. Indus Valley Herbal Henna Natural Hair Colour

Nothing can beat the goodness of henna in hair coloring. And when your hair color consists of the top three natural ingredients for hair coloring like Cassia, Indigo and Henna, you know you have chosen the best herbal hair color. Indus Valley Herbal Henna Color has won the accreditation of many users with their organic coloring ingredients.

9. Herbatint

natural hair color

natural hair dye

Herbatint is another natural hair color that is enriched with several herbs. It is free from Resorcinol, Ammonia, Parabens, Alcohol etc. It gives your hair a great coverage with the best of shades. Herbatint has a variety of as many as 36 which make it a perfect choice for coloring your hair in the perfect manner.

10. Flor De Man Wonder Flower Natural Hair Color

This natural hair color is once again a great choice as a hair dye the reason being its constitution free from PPD and Ammonia. This is a flower oil based hair colorant that is targeted not only to give your hair a beautiful, solid coloration but also nourishes the scalp making it healthy and improves the texture of your hair.

So now when you go tour nearest salon or decide to color your hair with a natural hair color, you know which products you can count on for a great coloring experience.

Till then, Happy Coloring, 🙂