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Cosmetics Institute

Our corporate roots go back to 1976 when the seeds of the erstwhile Food and Drug Research Analysis laboratory was founded. One of the company, Center for Hair & Hair Dye Research founded in 1995 as an independent R&D center for henna products. Institute of Natural & Modern Cosmetech (InMc) has been established in 2000 on this strong base to serve cosmetics industry in India and abroad in cosmetics education, R&D and consulting services.

Institute of Natural & Modern Cosmetech (InMc or Cosmetics Institute) is one of the pioneer organizations in the field of cosmetics originated with the idea of cosmetic research and development for the Indian cosmetic industry. The Institute has recognized research and development (R&D) laboratory and certified factory for training classes. It is actively engaged in the formulation and development of new cosmetic products, custom R&D and training classes. InMc providing technical support and consulting services to a large number of cosmetic manufacturers.