A Complete Guide To Premature Grey Hairs and Their Effective Solutions

Though grey hairs are often associated with the presence of wisdom, but it remains to be an undeniable fact that graying of hair often brings an unpolished look in your appearance. Premature graying of hair is one of the most frequently complained issues of hair problems. While in some cases, grey hairs is an outcome of growing age, there are situations where sudden premature grey hairs occur as a result of other related physical issues. Whatever may be the cause, the only resolution that has been discovered to cover grey hairs is to trust on the effectiveness of hair colors or hair dyes.

However an improper or a hurried decision of choosing a hair dye may often lead to more hair graying, skin irritations as well as other related issues.

Though premature hair graying has been identified as one of the major hair issues, anybody hardly knows the exact age for hair graying. All we know is that grey hair arte natural phenomenon and we all are bound to fall prey to it with the onset of old age.

How Do I know my grey hairs are Premature or Not?

The age of growing premature grey hairs vary globally. While the British start developing grey hairs during the mid 30s, the Asians show signs of graying during the latter part of the 30s, the Africans and Americans demonstrate grey hairs after they cross the threshold of 40s.

Therefore you can be considered to develop premature grey hairs if graying occurs before 25-27 for a British person and 30-35 for Asians or Africans and Americans.

If you are a victim of grey hairs between the aforementioned ages, then the immediate friend your hair requires is a permanent hair dye. Nevertheless, the present rise in hair color trends has prompted a huge number of hair dyes in the market. Choosing a proper hair color that does not leave any side effects is therefore essential.

Ongoing researches have proved that there are a host of reasons that provoke the onset of gray hair and if not controlled properly at the correct time, your thick, black natural hair may often get lost amidst the grey strands.

Why Am I Facing Grey Hair Problems?

Did you just spot a grey strand just amidst your natural hair? Before you settle down for a particular gray hair dye, it is essential to detect what is the exact cause of your grey hairs.

  • Stress: One of the main reasons for grey hairs is invincible stress. Our present lives are so stress-filled for several reasons, that it often leaves an impact on your hair.
  • Genes Issues: Premature graying of hair may be in your genes too. In any cases, if your family members too show signs of graying before age, then you too may be a victim of the same.
  • Medical Deficiencies: A deficiency in Vitamin B-12, an issue with the hormonal secretions with the pituitary and thyroid glands can lead to grey hairs.
  • Other Miscellaneous Issues: Smoking, uncontrolled usage of hair dryers, chemical treatments of hair, unwise choice of an inaccurate hair dye may lead to your premature graying.

What Can Be The Best Solution To Cover My Grey Hairs?

  • Choice of A Natural/Organic Hair Color: As mentioned before, many a hair colors have evolved in the market in the recent times. But, most of them are infused with unwanted chemicals that can produce coloring effects temporarily but in the long run lead to several side effects. Skin irritations, allergies, dandruff may also be the after effects. However organic hair colors as well as botanical hair dyes comprise of herbal ingredients, which usually do not leave behind any sort of damage effects.
  • A Thorough Study of the Ingredients: There are several natural hair colours which not only use herbal ingredients in their compositions but also use those herbs which serve several benefits for the hair. Herbs like Aloevera, Amla, Wheat Germ, Basil, sunflower serve multiple benefits for the hair like forwarding hair growth, treating dandruff, nourishing and moisturizing hair strands internally. Botanical hair dyes are therefore not only trustworthy for giving you a safe color assurance but also serve multiple benefits for your hair and scalp.
  • Permanent Hair Color: It is important to choose a permanent hair color that promises to give you complete grey coverage and the coloration lasts for at least for 4-5 weeks. The permanent hair dyes not only offer absolute coverage from your disturbing grey hairs but also frees from the hassles of frequent coloring.

So if you are still searching how to colour your grey hair properly or to reverse gray hair absolutely, then choosing herbal gel hair color with the aforementioned features shall be a decisive option to settle down.