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Institute of Natural & Modern Cosmetech is one of the pioneer organisation in the field of cosmetics providing cosmetics education, cosmetics training, cosmetics books, publications, cosmetics product development services & other cosmetics information and technical support to a large number of cosmetic manufacturers around the world.
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"The course material I received was excellent and I found myself wanting to research more about the topics . His feedback was excellent I learnt so much from him. I would definitely recommend Home learning, working at your own place and gaining knowledge as well as receiving a qualification at the end of it."
SanchariChakraborty, Kolkata
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will consider another one soon. I must also add that the prompt replies and positive feedback was exceptional and very motivating."
Tripti  Sharma, Meerut
"I have now completed my course in SKIN CARE PREPARATIONS  and I wish to thank you for all your assistance which enabled me to complete this course successfully.  I would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!"
TejiPanesar, Ludhiana
"I was exceptionally pleased with the content . I was most pleased that all of the modules arrived together and not individually as this allowed me to be able to read ahead and get an overall feel for what I was doing."
Vinod Kumar Shrivastava, Patna
"I have just received my certificate for the completion of my HAIR CARE PREPARATIONS course, and I am writing to say thank you for such a professionally led course. Very enjoyable and which also made it a pleasure to learn!  Thank you."
PrateekBhatnagar , Pune
"I would just like to say I have enjoyed this course and believe I have learnt a lot from this and will hopefully use this in my desired career. The course is well documented and I have been given full support and guidance through this and would recommend to others."
Waheedulla Khan, Dubai (UAE)
The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge , learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.
Miss Sheron, Norsech Tech Cosmeceuticals, Canada
Highly participatory and inclusive..I have gained a lot of knowledge....excellent teachings...nice and inspiring.
RelphChampana, DanacoInc.,U.S.A
An excellent programme – I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work.
Patrick Lubamba, New Concept Beauty, U. K.
I found the course very useful and will hopefully be able to put some of it into my future plannings.
Mercedes Dozal, Mercedes Dozel Inc. Maxico
Fantastic Course ! The trainers were very professionals and most importantly ,approachable.
G. MadhuSubbaRao ,Teja Enterprises, Andhra Pradesh
Trainer kept class interested by telling relevant examples from experiences .really interesting.
Rajesh Jolly, R. R. Cosmetics, Punjab
An excellent course which I would thoroughly recommend to the staff.
Dr. RupeshAgarwal, Radhe Renewable Energy Dev. Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat
The book encompasses the cosmetic use category and biologic action of various herbs. Interesting essays are included on popular cosmetic herbs.

The list of common herbs and their indications is an excellent reference list to quickly provide the reader with a list of herbs to fit their need.
Society of cosmetics chemists
The books has wealth of information regarding Herbs used in cosmetics.

This is extremely useful for Trade & industry of cosmetics as a reference book to begin working in natural cosmetics
Cosmetic Web
Contains information on over 700 herbs of cosmetic importance giving their scientific names, families , common names , distribution & cosmetic applications..
Books Today
Useful cosmetic herbs  
Natural Cosmetic Recipes

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